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The Wine Academy of Utah is an approved program provider of the Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET) serving Salt Lake, Park City and all of Utah. The WSET is the largest wine and spirits education and internationally recognized certification program in the world. 


|LEVEL 1| Award in Wines

iStock_000011325618LargeThis program introduces students in a structured way to wine styles, storing and serving of wine, and  food and wine matching. This is a 6 or 9 hour program tailored to either a single or multi-day schedules. All wine, printed materials, exam and lapel pin are included. 


  • Teaches basic wine knowledge, assessment, storage and food matching
  • Up to 9 hours of wine training (one day or broken up into several sessions)
  • Entry level qualification providing a straightforward introduction to wine
  • Great for enthusiasts and hospitality professionals
  • Includes study booklet, wine and passing students receive certificate and lapel pin



Certified_LEVEL2_W&S(286)OL|LEVEL 2|  Award in Wines and Spirits

The “Level 2 Award in Wines and Spirits” program is a multiple day program of over 16 hours of education. This course introduces a systematic approach to tasting wine and reviews major wine regions and grape varietals of the world. This class includes over 44 wines, 6 spirits, textbook, study guide, glassware, review session and exam. 


  • Covers major grape varieties and regions of the world
  • Taught how to taste wine professionally
  • 9 Week wine course assess over 44 wines, 6 spirits and food matching
  • Class includes a Textbook, Study-Guide, Tasting Card and six ISO Tasting Glasses
  • Receive internationally recognized Certificate and Lapel Pin




Spirits Certification coming soon.


Be informed the moment when spirits certification classes become available.